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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Second Class, Women

Second class women

Womens' carriage, local train in Mumbai.


Katrina said...

Love the new banner photo. How thoughtful of the pigeons to spread out so symmetrically for you!

Anne said...

They're pro pigeons! India is covered in them, stand still long enough and you're bound to get a good shot. Are you still planning on visiting India over Tet?

Katrina said...

Yes, sort of. We're still humming and ha-ing over it. Martin's off to NZ for a couple weeks on Tuesday, so we probably won't decide till he gets back.

mumbai paused said...

Lovely blog. How did i miss it all these days!

amasc aka Anne said...

Mumbai Paused, thanks for the comments, it's only just been "outed" in the Indian blogosphere so very easily missed. I've been lurking around your sight for a while now and it's a great inspiration for things to photograph and places to go.
Katrina, good luck making your mind up, me and the man hummed and ha'd a lot over the Christmas break and decided at nearly the last minute to take advantage of our still valid Vietnamese temporary residence cards and return to Saigon for Christmas - cafe da and the Dong Khoi Christmas decorations here we come!