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Monday, 15 February 2010

Hello Tuk Tuks

Since Tuk Tuks, rather than taxis, are the main form of privately operated public transport in Siem Reap it makes sense to differentiate your vehicle. That way you're memorable, eye catching and easily spotted. One or two differentiated themselves so well I felt the need to share.

First the Red Bull Tuk Tuk or Bad Bull to further distinguish it. It's also advertised as a Luxury Vehicle, which indeed it is, it has a cooler on the back full of what? Red Bull for the hangover or Beer to create it maybe. Either way I suspect the market segment for this one is most likely to be Brit Boys Abroad.
Red bull themed Tuk Tuk

Here's a closer look at how "bad" this bull is complete with a warning not to "do it two time a day"
Luxury Tuk Tuk
It could be two bulls "doing it" or one and a very muscular cow.

For the movie going public and families with small bored children there's the Batman Tuk Tuk

Batman Tuk Tuk, Siem Reap

I like the attention to detail on the Batmobile, even the helmet and motorbike are branded.

Batman Tuk Tuk side view, Siem reap

Finally, for the Korean and Japanese tourist girls what could be more perfect than this?

Hello Kitty Tuk Tuk

For the Hell0 Kitty obsessives out there, and I know you come here regularly looking at other Helly Kitty S#!% I've found and posted, here's another picture with more pink details.

Hello Tuk Tuk

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