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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Dancing dragons in the suburbs

As I've mentioned before we live in a pretty quiet part of town, our area is "up and coming" which mostly means there's a lot of building going on but on the 15th of February we had a bit of excitement. The dragons and lions arrived to bring luck to a new house.

Here's my first glimpse of them:

Arrival of the Dragon Dancers

As for the rest of the pictures I'll let them speak for themselves, I'm not informed enough to explain exacly what was going on, suffice to say it was like a mixture of the circus and a dance troupe had landed in our otherwise quiet part of the world.

Red Lion

Over the back of the Dragon

Local children join the drumming at the Dragon Dance

Leaping performer at Dragon Dance

Feats of strength and speed during Dragon Dance

Smashing bricks on head, Dragon Dance HCMC

Pole leaping lion

Presenting the red banner

Reaching out for the greenery

Grabbing the banner

The lion swings the banner

It took about an hour and a half to complete all the activities then they jumped onto their bus, truck and bikes and headed off leaving the street quiet and deserted again. Until the Karaoke started.


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Amasc said...

Impressive stuff! I'll link to your blog immmediately. You never know, you could get as many as four people coming to it from here.