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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Vespa Street

A trip to Vespa street to ooh and ahh at the pretty things.
Vietnam Vespas

Reconditioned Vespas are available all over town but Ly Thai To street in District 3 seems to be particularly well populated with refurbishing shops. Here's some pretty pictures:

Saigon Vespa Street

Vietnamese Vespas

Tools of the Vespa trade in Vietnam

Vespa styles available in HCMC

Vespa, Vietnam, beer optional

Beer optional. Most of the pictures here were taken at Hoa Vespa .


amasc said...
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Hiro said...

I also took many pictures of Vespa around here.
See my just photos of my Japanese blog.

amasc said...

I love that street and could spend hours just poking around with a camera. I saw your pictures too, the Vespas make great subjects.