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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Saigon Tet decorations, the start

The city's gearing up for Tet, the biggest celebration of the year. The excesses of the Christmas decoration seem palid compared to Tetorations and it's all about tigers this year.

The tax centre at the top of Le Loi is one of the first to roll the big cats out:

Le Loi Tet decorations

The balloon sellers have inflated the tigers:
Tiger balloons

At least I think they're tigers, they could be orange and black zebras. Does Hello Kitty count as tiger?

Bonus pic!

Tourists who shouldn't leave home

Gratuitous back view of lost tourists for no particular reason except to marvel at the confidence it must take to wear such a hellishly mal-suited garment.


Ba said...

Where is the fashion police when you need one? LOL

amasc said...

All out collecting their Tet bonuses I expect.

simon kutcher said...

Ahh, warm climates. If you had the time and inclination you could make a whole blog out of these class acts

amasc said...

I'm half way serious about giving that a go Simon. "Tourists who shouldn't have been allowed to leave home" sounds good to me.