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Monday, 12 October 2009

Polka Dot rainwear

The Saigon equivalent of a dreich day, it was overcast and cloudy all day with near constant drizzle gave me lots of time to mull over the rainwear solution.

I've more or less given up on working out how to get the plastic poncho to keep anything other than my shoulders slightly dry. They flap around and leak and whatever I'm wearing on my legs wicks up water to waist height. I put it on when I'm on the bike but it's more a case of fitting in that providing any practical wet weather protection. How two Vietnamese manage to stay snug and dry under one of them is beyond my comprehension.

Pola dots

I like the look of the clear plastic polka dot poncho draped over the blue and white Attila but know that on me It'd look like I've been shrink wrapped so mine is dark blue, anonymous and a waste of space in the boot box.


Rose Belle said...

How's it like driving in Saigon? I heard there's no traffic lights and everyone drives crazy there.

amasc said...

It's interesting Rose Belle, but there are traffic lights, generally people comply with stopping at them except for doing right turns which is permitted. Traffic swarms, you get yourself into the pack and go with it. It's disconcerting at first and difficult to break out of the defensive driving that most of us are used to but to do anything else is even more dangerous. Horns are used to warn you that someone is coming up behind you but the main problem now is cars, SUVs mainly, slowly crawling their way through the sea of motorbikes and adopting a "I'm bigger than you" attitude. There's no doubt that it's dangerous but it's a bicycle culture with engines and sort of works.