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Saturday, 17 October 2009


There's been a lot of running about recently trying to comply with new visa regulations, some of my documents went missing a while back and it's not proving too easy to get them replaced. Thankfully I still have all my originals but this morning I made my second attempt to get my police check sorted. I was turned away last time because it was too busy so early Saturday morning I turned up at the Department of Justice:
Public justice office regulations

I think I got it sorted, at least I got a slip telling me when to go back and pick it up but worryingly, I got it from the counter where they organise marriage licences.

Pubic justice office guidance

I am a good citizen and did not take information from The Outsiders.


craniac said...

What's up with the new visa rules? You do your visa yourself- not a travel agency?

amasc said...

It's for my work visa, because of the documents that went missing when I first moved out I've been getting by on six month multiple entries. Since they are getting phased out by all accounts I'm at the jumping through hoops stage to try to get my proper visa and my residency card.

amasc said...

Update: picked up the police check on Saturday morning, it all went smoothly and I am not the proud owner of a Vietnamese marriage licence. The next stage is to see what temporary visa extension I get, three month single entry is the educated guess.

amasc said...

Well, so much for education. I got the new three month multiple entry visa. Fab, off to Singapore in the safe knowledge that I can get back in.