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Monday, 10 August 2009

Hoi An yearly visit

The annual trip to Hoi An to get some work clothes made is just over. I was fairly restrained this year and unlike previous trips didn't have to buy a new bag to haul the stuff back to Saigon.
As always I took far too many photographs but they're easy to transport.
Tailor shop at night.
Girls working on shirts and stuff into the night. The clothes are generally made off the premises but some finishing touches are made in house.
Son cafe, Hoi An
Beer by the river watching the world drift by is always welcome.
River scene, Hoi An
The pictures above were taken at Son Cafe, a slightly ramshackle place on the beach road. It's been a regular stopping off point for me since my first visit to Hoi An.
Hoi An, by the Japanese Bridge
The Japanese Bridge is still standing and still a prime and picturesque site for hawkers.
Red bust
I hadn't noticed this nicely distressed red bust before, I have no idea who it is because it doesn't look anything like the usual Uncle Ho statues seen around.
Not much has changed since my last visit, the market is in a new building and the international tourists seem to be fewer in numbers but internal tourists are growing in numbers. All seems well and the sea was toasty warm.

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