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Monday, 17 August 2009


I like getting up early on holidays and taking a stroll along the beach. Sometimes it's pristine and deserted, sometimes full of people hauling up catches and sometimes it's got quite a lot of rubbish on it. Here's some rubbish.
Beachfind cruiser
A cruiser
Beachfind plastic lighters
A school of lighters
Beachfind warrior
A warrior
Beachfind closer crustacean flotation
A crustacean flotation device
Beachfind, thongs gone
Where the flip flops once were
The beaches mainly get cleaned up during the early morning so you have to be out sharp to see these kinds of treasures.


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic set of pictures of something seemly so mundane

amasc said...

Thank you, given your recent impressive journey, mine was merely an early mornig stroll/