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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Vietnamese driving licence

This is what you're expected to do for the Vietnamese motorbike driving tests.

This is what I think you should be expected to do:

Vietnamese motorbike test, what should happen


Eric said...

hi there thanks for yr BLOG it is very interesting, would you know what I need to do to get a drivind licence. A French national, I have a clean GB licence and have had a scooter for a few weeks, I have seen in D7 a cohort of Gendarmes and they had two truck load full of scooters that they were taken away from riders who possibly weren't insured or had NO LICENCE. I don't want that to happen to me and I need one quick. I am vaguely aware of the procedure / translate GB licence but I dunno where to go. Before the summer I went to some government building and the actual section I needed was closed or had moved to a different location...I dunno where to go now to get my test booked and the documents issued. Please let me know if you've a minute >'ll buy you a smoothie !! Thanks immensely

amasc said...

I've emailed you some details, I hope they help, good luck with the licence