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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Annam Gourmet

Phu My Hung; variously branded as “The Saigon of the Future”, “Saigapore” and “Little Seoul” is home to many expats and upwardly mobile Vietnamese. It’s very family friendly and clean but lacks in atmosphere. For those reasons I wouldn’t want to live there but crucially my price range would only reach to apartments and I’ve been spoiled by living in a house. I do use Phu My Hung regularly though especially since Co-op Citymart is the best supermarket in town.

And now, identifying Phu My Hung as indeed a place to be Annam Gourmet have moved in with their polished wood, fancy lighting, imported goods and natty sales assistant. Coffee pavilion coming soon.

Annam Gourment, Phu My Hung
So overwhelmed was I by the shopping experience that I bought: my second choice of butter, bread I don’t like, jam in a flavour I wouldn’t normally entertain and a bottle of rose wine because it was in a chiller cabinet. I’ll be more selective next time. The wine was nice though.


Thao TX Nguyen said...

An Nam Gourmet doesn't know the difference between sandwich and baguette. On the menu, it says they only have sandwiches but actually they mean baguette. Me and my bf argued with the manager of the shop about the confusing menu. The manager went he did not know how other place call a baguette, but in his shop, it's called sandwich! He even said that he was born in Europe and French ppl call baguette sandwich!

amasc said...

I'm pretty easy going when it comes to sandwiches so long as it's bread on the outside and something tasty on the inside. I get your point though, I'd assume that a sandwich was made from sliced bread unless I was told otherwise. I haven't tried their sandwiches/baguettes yet but can recommend their cookies.

Anonymous said...

Sandwich with slice breads are called so in US. BUt in Europe, baguette filled with ham and cheese are called sandwich.So Thao Nguyen, you should check carefully before saying sth