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Monday, 12 May 2008

Helmets plus

Some time ago I posted a short critique on Ho Chi Minh helmets. At the time I was short of a few pictures but recently I've been travelling tourist class with my camera out snapping at random. So far I've managed to capture:

The wide brimmed helmet complete with hearts and flowers stickers which instantly turn a safety item into a desireable fashion accessory.

Wide brimmed helmet

I also got the full helmet cosy, an alternative to the helmet skirt, this covers the crown of the helmet too and produces a bonnet effect. Maybe I should get one.

Helment cosy close

You can also see the full lower face/neck mask usually supplemented by a small face mask worm over the top.

On a traffic note, here's a picture of something I think is going to grow to obessional levels with me, the Vietnamese prediliction for personlising their bikes; Pimp My Moto 1

Pimp my ride 1
Animal print is always so classy.

Goals, to get pictures of people in matching Pimp My Helmets and Pimp My Motos

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Vietnam tours said...

Haha, that's the way Vietnamese people are. I love that much. It looks so cute on them.