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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Crunchy Collons

I tried a new snack food because I couldn't resist the name. Strawberry Collons


Also avaiable in chocolate and cream flavours. Indeed they do look a little like small sections of colon.

Pile of Collons

The wafer shell is very light and crisp and the filling is slightly gritty but not in a distasteful way and tastes more pink than strawberry but I'm assured they're made with real strawberry juice. They're quite nice if a little oversweet for my taste but I'd eat collon again.

Collon biscuit

Here you can see the ridged texture of the shell and a bit of my mustard sofa and seventies type wall units (soon to be a thing of the past if plans work out).

If you live in the UK and want to experience collon yourself they're available from CyberCandy who also offer the supreme Double Chocolate Collon and the Choco Puff Collon. Treat yourself

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