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Monday, 9 November 2015

Beach Party Animals

Indian beaches are working beaches.

You'll find fisherfolk landing catches, cows grazing or just wandering and the local dogs marking out their territory. On the more tourist developed beaches you'll find hawker selling bedsheets, bangles and clothes.  Almost everywhere you'll find food and drinks on offer.

it's less likely that you'll find horses, but my beach of choice for Diwali has seven of them that happily mingle with the tourists and make the effort to appear at sunset for photo opportunities.


magiceye said...

Superbly composed and shot!! Love this!!

Chuzai Living said...

That is a beautiful photo with the golden light of the sunset! You see horses on a beach in Mumbai? They make a lovely photo!

amasc aka Anne said...

This is the South end of Agonda beach in the South of Goa. It's a lot busier that it used to be but still quiet compared to other beaches. I spent a week in a beach hut here. The horses wander free most of the time and almost always turn up at sunset.