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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

On Three Wheeled Mobile Temples and Colourful Feet

temple mumbai mobile wheels travelling

On a quiet side street I heard music, chanting and tinkling bells and caught the aroma of incense.  Nothing unusual in India, but this time it was coming from a mobile, motorised shrine.  I hadn't been up close and personal to one before, it was delightful.

I dropped a few rupees in by way of thanks for a cheering sight, sound and smell.

It was only after looking at the picture closely, that I fully realised how striking the sari on the woman was.  I've finally become accustomed to Indian colours as evidenced by my feet:

They've got a lot brighter since I moved to Mumbai.


Manu Tyagi said...

Commen in north india

amasc aka Anne said...

I've not seen very many of them in Mumbai, but maybe I've not been looking in the right places.

magiceye said...

If you cant go to the temple, the temple comes to you!!

Pretty feet!