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Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Treat?

Currently appearing on the back of Mumbai buses.

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 Hiranandani hospital has an odd idea of what a "treat" is.


Rajesh said...

Nice capture.

magiceye said...


Kalpanaa Misra said...

hahahaha - great observation! How is childbirth a treat? They need to get some women to write their copy.

Kalpanaa Misra said...

Not on twitter? I wanted to tweet this but your blog doesn't have the link to twitter.

Amasc aka Anne said...

Alas no, I'm a bit prehistoric that way. No smart phone, no twitter no page on facebook. I should address that some day, meanwhile you can just take the picture and tweet it yourself, I don't mind.

Amasc aka Anne said...

Well, I dragged myself into this century and signed up for twitter. I even have a "follow me" button on the blog and am feeling like a smart geek for doing it.
Of course I have absolutely no idea what to do with it next. I sense a bit of focused googling will be required but the little blue birdie is cute. Thank you for the wakeup call Kalpanaa Misra