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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Vintage Point

I'm not a car buff, I categorise cars by simple parameters; "big", "small" and their colour but I do appreciate "pretty" and I stumbled on a whole heap of pretty parked up at Kala Ghoda. 

Bently hood ornament parked at Kala Ghoda, Mumbai

Just sitting there in the car park at were beautiful old Bentleys and Buicks, I knew they were thus because they had their names on their hoods.  They had just been unveiled and were on display prior to taking part in the Mumbai Vintage Car Rally on Sunday.

There was just me and one other camera toting person happily clicking away, a real luxury in camera crazy Mumbai.  There were a lot of officials and mechanics all hovering around awaiting the inevitable onslaught of the photo opportunists. Later I spent a happy ten minutes watching men standing proprietorially beside the cars while their partners snapped them looking proud  but at this stage I had space and time and felt strangely exposed.

I've grown so used to craning and jostling and working on avoiding hundreds of others with cameras that it was odd not to have to, odd but lovely.

By the time I moved on the crowds had moved in and the young men in official white polo shirts were starting becoming agitated about caring for their precious charges.

I said "goodbye and thank you" to the man in the mirror and he said "Thank you for loving the cars without touching".  I hope his day wasn't too stressful.


sunil deepak said...

I hope sooner or later to get an opportunity to visit Kala Ghoada festival, seems like a wonderful event!

Very interesting clicks! :)

Raghav said...

Lovely. I love antique stuff and cars no doubt. Great photos. While owning a vintage might remain a dream, we do have a 1991 model Merc that is nearing 25 years, so we do have something "antique" at least,

magiceye said...

You sure were lucky! Lovely captures of vintage beauties!!

amasc said...

I was privileged to have time with these lovely things before the rest of the city got there.
I wonder if a 25 year old Merc should be classified as a classic car?