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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ganesha Ornaments

It's time for a new blog header picture so I chose this one, colourful, hand painted Ganeshas. 

I found them at the Khala Goda Arts festival and this is one of the few pictures taken there, it was just too busy but serves me right for turning up on the last Saturday afternoon of the festival.  It was a jolly crowd though all hell bent on getting their pictures taken with the installations or swarming over the stalls selling all manner of bright and beautiful things.  I'll go again but go earlier next time.


Astrid Kummer said...

Beautiful hand painted Ganeshas! Nice capture.

amasc aka Anne said...

Thank you Astrid, I loved them so much I went out and found some to buy for myself. I guess they are familiar to you from the long time you spent in India.