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Friday, 10 February 2012

Turban Time

I am woefully ignorant about turbans and what the style of tying and choice of fabrics indicate. They're damned stylish though.

Yellow Turban
Neatly tied and a bit of a bulge at the back, I'd imagi ne this would be quite good for cycling quickly because of the aerodynamic styling.

White Turban and Beard
This looks like what would happen if I tied a turban but mine would undoubtedly fall off whereas this one probably takes lots of skill to achieve a devil may care, casual look and stays on all day.

Nose flautist
Impressive and practical, you could tuck all sorts of little things into this one.


SaigonNezumi(Kevin) said...

So when you going to try on a turban then?

One thing I miss about Central Asia is being able to wear a skull cap everyday. I have one hear in Saigon but people will probably look at my funny. :-)

amasc said...

Turbans and saris = advanced tying and wrapping techniques. I can manage to keep a sarong on but even then I wouldn't leave the house in it. I've seen a fair amount of skull caps in Saigon since the Malaysians started visiting in bigger numbers, you should give it a go.