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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Jogya Jaunt

We took a trip to Jogjakarta, a good test of how much Bahasa Indonesia was still lodged in the dusty crevices of my mind. Quite a lot as it turned out. I hadn't been to Jogya since I was in High School but it was still very recognisable, just more hotels now and becak drivers have cell phones.

Here are some obligatory holiday pics:

Boro buddah 5

Prambanan sky

Carving Balinese

Batik maker
Fashion advice
Fashion advice

Bir Bintang

Good times.

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James Hessler (James James The Tartan Trickster) said...

Never been over to Vietnam, but have travelled extensively, and if time permits (and money) I jut may visit one day.Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures

James James