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Friday, 6 February 2009

A new seat for the scooter

We never did like the silver and white chequerboard pattern on the seat that originally came with the scooter. Plus it was slippery and hard braking would send us skooshing forward and clashing helmets much to the amusement of other drivers. Of course, I blamed the driver.

A new seat for Betty

We went to a local pimporium and had it replaced with this much more tasteful (and less slippery) brown seat. That'll be 4 of your rapidly diminishing British Pounds please.


craniac said...

Nice. My wife got an Attila a few months ago, not as spiffy as yours. How old is that? I still haven't ridden it enough to get used to it- I don't know what to do with my hands and feet.

amasc said...

It's about 15 months old, we bought it at three months old around a year ago. You use one hand to make phone calls and your feet to balance the dog, case of beer and small table you're transporting home.

Vu said...

Haha, so funny but seems so true sometimes. You must use your nose to beep the horn.

Ba said...

Nice ride!!! Love the seat!!!