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Monday, 29 December 2008

Mui Ne for Christmas

We escaped the city for a few days and couldn't get ourselves organised in time to go anywhere outside Vietnam so Mui Ne provided the perfect answer for a couple of days doing very little.

Saw a couple of sunrises:
Mui Ne Beach, December 08

Ate a couple of fish and fish friends:
Fish and fish relations

Drank a couple of beers at the latest incarnation of Hoa Vien Brewhouse:

Hoa Vien Brewery, Mui Ne

Found a couple of ruby slippers on a yellow brick road:

Follow the yellow brick road

Good beach, good fish, good beer. The flip flops didn't fit.


Iceberg said...

The wife and I went to Mui Ne for our honeymoon. Stayed at the Pandanus Resort. It was very nice.

Amasc said...

I like Mui Ne a lot, I've been three times now but I'm completely smitten by Phu Quoc.