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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Fake Mexicans at the Opera House

Sunday the 9th of November, 8:30 am at the top of Le Loi on the steps of the Opera House I spied (well I could hardly miss them) people dressed in sombreros playing vaguely Latin American music. Who? Why? No idea but it fairly brightened up the morning for me.

Here they are from across the road the better to admire the newly refurbished Opera House.

Sunday Morning Concert, Saigon

Closer so you can fully appreciate the sombreros.
Mexican Impersonators, Saigon

For some reason windmill salesmen always get in on the act.

Windmills and Mexican Impersonators, Saigon

And since it's "nearly" Christmas the Santa baloons have been dusted off for another year.

Santa and Mexican Impersonators, Saigon

I was starting to think I was getting a little complacent about Vietnam, how wrong can you get?

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