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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Nha Trang

It's been a few weeks since I updated this and my reader will be fed up with pictures of Laos by now so here's some pictures of our latest jaunt to Nha Trang.

Beach Bar

It's a seaside town (can you tell?) about an hour away from Saigon by air and six by train. There are a few high end spa hotels and loads of very cheap and clean minihotels. Ours cost £3.50 per person and came with air conditioning, shower, clean sheets a well stocked minibar and safety advice.

Safety and security

I like to follow instructions in hotel rooms but was a little stumped by the trafficking one, however I kept my bling to a minimum and came to no harm.

Fruit vendor

Streetside and beachside the atmosphere is relaxed, the vendors are friendly without being too pushy and the usual Vietnamese habit of living life on the street prevails.

Streetside toiletry

He was loud, she was having none of it.

Culturally and historically the Cham Towers are worth a visit.
Cham Tower
The accoustics are incredible and the view over Nha Trang is worth seeing.
Altar and devotees

The man on the left of this photograph struck the bowl gong a few times and three minutes later the sound was still reverberating.

No holiday is complete without a dose of kitsch and I found plenty.

Topiary of course, always a welcome art form. Nothing nicer than taking a tree and making it look completely unnatural.
Topiary Nha Trang

Vinpearl Island is kitsch central. Arrive by cable car or ferry and you can ...


Enter Exotica Discoteque under the oxter of a giant mermaid.

Vinpearl Island Penguins

Feed the penguins. There are scores of these things all over the resort. I felt bad stubbing a cigarette out in it's gaping maw but there was sand there for the purpose.

I struck lucky though, in preparation for Tet I saw thirteen men in a tree.
Thirteen men in a tree

Ripping off the real leaves and replacing them with Tet appropriate yellow blossoms.

They seemed happy in their work.

Happy tree decorators

Vinpearl is an odd place, almost deserted, completely artificial, unnaturally clean and slightly unsettling. If ever they make a Vietnamese version of The Prisoner they should set it here.

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