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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Thngs I've seen that I like


Ducks? Geese?

Yellow Wall, Hoi An

A yellow wall.

Today we plan to shop. There's a chance that the phone brought from the UK will be unlocked, it's been with the unlocker for a month now. We're planning on getting some decorative items for the apartments. Lamps, cushions, another elctric fan and some bedsheets that aren't lime green are on the list. Whether we get any or not remains to be seen as we're both fairly pathetic shoppers. however we feel fairly settled here at the moment so it seems a good time as any to try make where we live look more like a home than a motel.

It looks hot out there today, no clouds and no breeze. I'll take the camera and practice shooting in sunlight but it looks like a great day to try out some more ice cream parlours.

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