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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Random Images

Just a few shots around town.
lounge lizards

Backpackers' (Pham Ngu Lao and the surrounds) is full of bars, restaurants and deliciously tacky giftware shops as well as hotels and guest houses. It's not the most high class end of town but there are few things that draw us back. The Mumtaz restaurant, of which more in a later posting, and Le Pub's gin and tonics. Last night we shared our drinks with some friends, the focus might be off a little but that's understandable under the circumstances.


High on a wall, and a little earlier in the day I saw this image in the same part of town. I've always had a mildly voyeuristic side and love peeking in at other peoples' windows.

woolly hat shop

Elsewhere Saigon's Premier Woolly Hat outlet continues to puzzle me, I understand it gets a bit colder in Hanoi but surely not THAT cold.


There are many tall, thin, brightly coloured buildings in the city, this hotel may not be the tallest, thinnest and brightest but it has to be in the running for the title. (On Nguyen Trai)

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