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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Bland kitchen - Bad Kitchen

Bland kitchen
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We had a plan when we moved into this house. A new kitchen, something in steel and dark wood and maybe duckegg blue with fantastic flags on the floors and probably an extension. The kind of thing that will look magnificent for about two years before it becomes impossibly dated but by that time you've stopped noticing it anyway.

As is the way with plans they didn't turn out exactly as envisioned. Once we decided to rent out the house bland, beech-type cupboards and slate-esque worksurfaces were ordered. So lacking in distinction is this installation that I had to put some lemons out to stop everything fading to beige.

Bad Kitchen

Ugly kitchen 1

The original kitchen HAD to go even though it was classic 70s Brown Movement. Three different brown patterns on worktops, walls and the floor, even the hob was in two shades of brown.

Ugly kitchen 2

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