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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hello S#!tty

I'm not a great fan of the mouthless one but am rather taken by this hotplate, coffee maker, warming oven and death trap all rolled into one very, very pink package.

Hello Kitty Kitchen

I need an oven but I'll pass on this one. Featured on the home of Pink Hellishness Hello Kitty Hell , I'm honoured.


simon kutcher said...

surely it has an ISO-9001 certificate on it that should allay all your fears? Quite possibly the worst kitchen appliance I have ever seen. Fantastic find, although the Oral-Me toothbrush is up there too

Anonymous said...

I was particularly pleased with it and it was worth the odd looks in Citimart to capture it. Garden View branch in case you're interested.

Kelli Corbett said...

Um.... Anyone know where I can buy one? Lol :)

amasc said...

Kelli Corbett, put your hands in the air, drop all credit cards and step away from the PINK!